How to withdraw money to your bank account How to withdraw money to your bank account

How to withdraw money to your bank account

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Here, you will find the necessary steps to take to withdraw money to your bank account.


1. Sign in to your Niza account and click on the Withdraw button in the Navigation menu. Or you can go to the Withdraw page by clicking on Withdraw on the main page.



2. Double-check that you are on the Withdraw page. You can verify this by looking at the top left side of the website or by checking the tabs in the Navigation menu.



3. The first currency option will be the currency of your balance.



However, if you want to withdraw a different currency, you can use the search bar to find it or click on the ones shown in the list.



4. Under the Withdraw to option, you can choose either a bank account or a Niza user. Here, we are showing the path to withdrawing the money to a bank account.


5. Now we go ahead and either choose an existing bank account or add a new one. Every field needs to be completed accurately, as it is mandatory. In the end, click Add Receiving Bank Account. 


6. Pay attention to the note below about making sure the name of your bank account matches the name of the account you are withdrawing from.



7. In the end, click the Withdraw button, and you finalize your action.

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