How to add receiving bank account? How to add receiving bank account?

How to add receiving bank account?

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A receiving bank account is a bank account where you can transfer fiat money from your spot wallet and vice versa. It facilitates your actions when trading crypto.


1. Sign in to your Niza account and click on the Bank button in the Navigation menu. 



2. Click on the type of account you have. SEPA is for payments within Europe, while SWIFT is a global payment system.



3. Add your correct beneficiary's name. They will receive what's in your balance in the event of your untimely demise.


4. Add the bank's name. Double-check its accuracy.



5. Add the account number you will be using for transactions. Be careful to make sure it is accurate.

acc nu.png


6. Choose from the list the currency you wish to conduct your financial actions in.

list of curr.png


7. Add your BIC number. It's an 8- to 11-character number used to identify your bank when you make an international transaction. 

bic nu.png


8. Add the bank address of the banking institution you use. To be accepted, you need to use the address of your local bank branch, the address of the bank branch you use, or the corporate address.

ba address.png


9. In the end, click save, and your receiving bank account will be added.

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