How to access more Niza features? How to access more Niza features?

How to access more Niza features?

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Follow the instructions carefully to get more freedom with your Niza account.


1. Sign in to your Niza account and click on the top right on your icon profile. 

sign in.png


2. Click the settings tab.



3. Click Verification Center.



4. To explore more Niza features and higher limits of deposits, complete the steps of the Intermediate verification. 




5. You need to provide a picture of your government-issued ID. First, you choose the issuing country of your identifying document.



6. Then choose the type of document you will be providing.



7. Upload the front and back sides of your identifying document, one at a time. Follow the steps carefully so you don't waste time.



8. Correctly complete the necessary information about your location below.



9. Provide a liveness check.



10. After completing all three steps, this notification will pop up on your screen. Screenshot_21.png


11. After the email arrives in your inbox, your status in Niza Intermediate will look like the picture below.



11. Now go ahead and enjoy your new freedom with your Niza Intermediate account.

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